Creative Hub Luang Prabang


Ka Xiong is a photographer and emerging filmmaker in Luang Prabang, Laos. His work is shown in 2nd biennale internationale de l’image de Luang Prabang 2010 and Photoquai 2011 in Paris, 3rd biennale des Images du Monde. He was selected as one of the five young photographers in five countries along the Mekong River to exhibit in Phnom Penh Photo Festival December 2012. 

Categories: documentary, portrait, workshops, photo-tours (no weddings or pre-weddings)



Radium Tam is an architectural heritage fanatic and a freelance photographer. She travels and lives mostly in Asia and Europe. For her, photography is a way of silent story-telling. Her photography work focuses mainly on architecture, cultural heritage and landscape. She also works as a freelance photographer for theatre plays and events. 

Categories: architecture, landscape, editorial, conceptual/fine art, documentary (preferably culture related, no wedding or wedding-related please)